Limited Scope Representation

In Montana, an attorney may undertake to assist a client without taking on their entire case. Prior to the development of the limited-scope rule, an attorney had to take on the full extent of a client’s legal case in order to provide any assistance at all. However, the Montana Supreme Court and Montana Legislature recognized that hiring an attorney full time can be cost-prohibitive for a large portion of the community. In response, the rules were amended so that an attorney can assist with only a single issue out of many, only a single phase of your case, or with anything that provides you with as only as much help as you need or you can afford. This rule gives you access to needed legal help, without the burdensome cost.

The Limited Scope rule allows an attorney to assist with part of your case only if it would be “reasonable under the circumstances.” There will be instances where a legal case is simply too complex and a client should not attempt to go it alone. Some clients may also just be too stressed to attempt to handle their own legal work. However, so long as the client seeking advice on a limited-scope basis remains honest and forthcoming with the attorney, many legal issues can be helped through the process with limited scope assistance. We will advise you if your issue is too complex for a part time attorney, or you may request from the get-go that you would like to hire an attorney full time.

MTLJ offers limited scope representation through our Legal Advice Clinic for a rate of $80/hour.

If you feel LSR may be appropriate for your case and would like to know more about the process please fill out our Get Legal Help form or give us a call at 406-356-6546.