Estate Planning Packages

MTLJ provides estate planning packages for simple estates: those that will be under 2 million dollars, that do not involve any land on an indian reservation, and that do not require creation of complex trusts (other than trusts for minor children) or that need to be coordinated with any complex existing trusts. Other issues could potentially arise that make an estate less “simple,” and therefore outside the scope of our help.

An estate plan is important for taking the guess-work out of dividing your assets after you are gone, avoids potential arguments or confusion for your family, and most importantly, protects your children, especially young children. You can find more detailed and very valuable information on estate planning HERE.

You have many choices when it comes to your estate plan. If you would like an estate planning package, you will do a somewhat extensive interview with an attorney, approximately two weeks later we will send you drafts for your review, and as soon as they are finalized, we will execute the documents and your plan will be in effect.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Estate Planning Packages, including the process and costs, please fill out our Get Legal Help form or call us at 406-356-6546 to get more information.